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Egypt - Al-Sharqia - 10th Of Ramadan - Rubiki


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+20 55 4336288

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SQ Corporation

SQ Foods Company (Story of quality) is the story of a Syrian-Iraqi partnership on Egyptian soil with experience and high quality in the field of production, processing and packaging of foodstuffs.The company produces all its products according to international standards for agriculture and industry to provide a wide range of products with a wonderful taste to satisfy all family members.


SQ Foods is led by a board of directors with high experience in the field of food processing and staffed by the most skilled specialized workers.The finest types of fresh vegetables and fruits are used in our products. Our company is a leader in the food industry and we are working to provide community members with the best products to motivate them to follow a healthy lifestyle.


The Quality Department monitors the raw materials coming to our factories to guarantee you the best products in the best way to impress you by integrating the capabilities of our team with our equipment and laboratories.Our goal is to make these food products accessible to everyone. We also export these luxurious products to our agents in all countries of the world.


Our products
Our company is distinguished in the manufacture of tomato sauce - ketchup - hot sauce - all kinds of premium jams - all kinds of pickles - canned food - spices.

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